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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Continuity

In a recent article on Overthinking It Dot Com, John Perich proposes a narrative similarity between Finnegans Wake and the Legend of Zelda series. It’s a good article, sporting insight about issues of identity implied by Nintendo’s revered series; you should read it. I’d like to unpack a notion suggested in that article: the Legend […]


Is my local bagel vendor racist? What if he is, and I buy a bagel, and the portion of that expense that goes towards his wage gets spent partially on racist stuff? One could make the argument that I’m supporting his racism, albeit indirectly. Bagel buyer beware. Consider the case of Doug TenNapel’s Kickstarter campaign. […]

In Which I Object to a Particular Phrase

Is Netflix anti-consumer? Think about it: they let you borrow movies or TV shows, but they never let you own them. Whether through streaming or the mail, they provide content while preventing customers from amassing collections. Of course, their reputation is that of the innovator; they liberated the movie-watching public from Blockbuster’s late fees and […]

History of Art: Defiance

Peanut butter and jelly. Cookies and milk. Video games and art history. Truly, I enjoy all the world’s natural pairings. But perhaps the last one could use some explaining. To that end, I submit this thesis: the dynamics of art history can teach us a great deal about video games. An example? Legacy of Kain: […]

Retroactive Reaction (PT. 2)

Now that the fun is out of the way, I wish to be direct. Microsoft designed the Xbox One to be a powerful, relevant machine, and while it probably fails to meet my demands for the New Console, it looks to be a neat doohicky that doesn’t deserve its mediocre reputation. The days since the […]

Retroactive Reaction (PT. 1)

So the big reveal came and went and I think we’re all justifiably annoyed. This new console proves just how distant our corporate overlords’ concerns are from our own. It represents a dangerous new direction for games and the end of quality gaming experiences. I am, of course, talking about the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. […]

Dreaming of a Better Button Box

The hour of truth is nearly upon us. In one week, the successor to the Xbox will reveal itself to the world, and we, the thumbstick-twiddling ludics of that world, will know the shape of the much-prophesied Next Generation. The instruments of the mightiest sigils, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, shall align in orbit of the […]