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Why The Hunger Games Movies Are Good

Welcome to the inaugural post of a new series: Why ____ Is Good. You’ve probably, at some point in your rich and varied life, considered a work of art and thought, “It’s not just my personal preference. This stuff is really good!” If so, you may appreciate these little investigations into how art can be […]

Movie of Steel (PT. 2)

Before we leave behind Man of Steel forever in the annals of history’s timely entertainments, I would like to address a particular strain of criticism I encountered in regards to this film. Perhaps you encountered it, too: the notion that Man of Steel utilizes imagery reminiscent of the September 11th terrorist attacks. The idea goes […]

Movie of Steel PT. 1

As we finish this patriotic weekend and those last few souls who haven’t seen Man of Steel do their moviegoing duty, I would like to consider that tricky component of Superman’s identity: his Jewishness. But he’s not Jewish! Or so you cry, my easily flustered reader. No, Superman is not explicitly Jewish, in this most […]

The Mythic Millennial

How shall we describe that curious beast, the Millennial? What is it? What does it want? Within what span of years, exactly, was it born? These questions vex writers of the popular discourse who take an interest in generational trends. For those armchair sociologists, I present a new specimen of the breed: the protagonist of Frances […]

The Iron Orient

—— SPOILER WARNING REGARDING IRON MAN 3 —— In the film Iron Man 3, the Mandarin is not a Chinese man with a militant hatred for western capitalism but rather a Wag the Dog fabrication of techno-terrorists A.I.M.. Fans, have you been let down? You may begin with concern. You may think, isn’t this folding […]