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Movie of Steel (PT. 2)

Before we leave behind Man of Steel forever in the annals of history’s timely entertainments, I would like to address a particular strain of criticism I encountered in regards to this film. Perhaps you encountered it, too: the notion that Man of Steel utilizes imagery reminiscent of the September 11th terrorist attacks. The idea goes […]

Movie of Steel PT. 1

As we finish this patriotic weekend and those last few souls who haven’t seen Man of Steel do their moviegoing duty, I would like to consider that tricky component of Superman’s identity: his Jewishness. But he’s not Jewish! Or so you cry, my easily flustered reader. No, Superman is not explicitly Jewish, in this most […]

The Iron Orient

—— SPOILER WARNING REGARDING IRON MAN 3 —— In the film Iron Man 3, the Mandarin is not a Chinese man with a militant hatred for western capitalism but rather a Wag the Dog fabrication of techno-terrorists A.I.M.. Fans, have you been let down? You may begin with concern. You may think, isn’t this folding […]