Monthly Archives: June 2013


Is my local bagel vendor racist? What if he is, and I buy a bagel, and the portion of that expense that goes towards his wage gets spent partially on racist stuff? One could make the argument that I’m supporting his racism, albeit indirectly. Bagel buyer beware. Consider the case of Doug TenNapel’s Kickstarter campaign. […]

In Which I Object to a Particular Phrase

Is Netflix anti-consumer? Think about it: they let you borrow movies or TV shows, but they never let you own them. Whether through streaming or the mail, they provide content while preventing customers from amassing collections. Of course, their reputation is that of the innovator; they liberated the movie-watching public from Blockbuster’s late fees and […]

The Mythic Millennial

How shall we describe that curious beast, the┬áMillennial? What is it? What does it want? Within what span of years, exactly, was it born? These questions vex writers of the popular discourse who take an interest in generational trends. For those armchair sociologists, I present a new specimen of the breed: the protagonist of Frances […]

History of Art: Defiance

Peanut butter and jelly. Cookies and milk. Video games and art history. Truly, I enjoy all the world’s natural pairings. But perhaps the last one could use some explaining. To that end, I submit this thesis: the dynamics of art history can teach us a great deal about video games. An example? Legacy of Kain: […]