Monthly Archives: May 2013

Retroactive Reaction (PT. 2)

Now that the fun is out of the way, I wish to be direct. Microsoft designed the Xbox One to be a powerful, relevant machine, and while it probably fails to meet my demands for the New Console, it looks to be a neat doohicky that doesn’t deserve its mediocre reputation. The days since the […]

Retroactive Reaction (PT. 1)

So the big reveal came and went and I think we’re all justifiably annoyed. This new console proves just how distant our corporate overlords’ concerns are from our own. It represents a dangerous new direction for games and the end of quality gaming experiences. I am, of course, talking about the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. […]

Mutant Rights and Phaser Fights

“Each generation has cried out for a new world, but has built the same old one, corrupt and weak.” Who says this? A villain. Obvi. How do I know? I recognize the cynicism and lack of faith in social progress as the damning shortcomings that, in fiction, surely accompany an antagonist. At least, I make […]

Dreaming of a Better Button Box

The hour of truth is nearly upon us. In one week, the successor to the Xbox will reveal itself to the world, and we, the thumbstick-twiddling ludics of that world, will know the shape of the much-prophesied Next Generation. The instruments of the mightiest sigils, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, shall align in orbit of the […]

Finally – Glasses for Nerds

When Dick Tracy debuted his wrist radio in 1946, no one had it because the thing had not been invented. When I first conceived of glasses that display information, I couldn’t buy such a machine because it hadn’t been invented. Once Google Glass debuts for public purchase, I will still not buy it because I […]

The Iron Orient

—— SPOILER WARNING REGARDING IRON MAN 3 —— In the film Iron Man 3, the Mandarin is not a Chinese man with a militant hatred for western capitalism but rather a Wag the Dog fabrication of techno-terrorists A.I.M.. Fans, have you been let down? You may begin with concern. You may think, isn’t this folding […]

It Begins

Sing to me, o muse, of early 21st Century pop culture, including (but not limited to) games, film and television. Sing of that man of twists and turns, Baconthorpe, whose opinions never strayed from truth. Sing of the topless towers of New York, from whence our hero did blog.